GECS Cardano Stake Pool

Where to stake my Cardano ADA? Open Daedalus or Yoroi Wallets and search for pool ticker: STEVE

0% Cardano Stake Pool Fees

We believe in 0% margin and charging the minimum fee (340 ₳) per epoch. Lower fees allow us to provide the highest return on stake (ROS).

Reliable Server Nodes

Our Cardano stake pool is designed for high availability. Multiple relays ensure that critical systems remain online 24/7. Servers are monitored and backed up via UPS.

 Secure Stake Pool

Our primary objective is to protect your investment. Cardano staking relies on security. A layered MFA approach to security protects node integritiy. We know the importance of security so we take every possible step to harden our servers.

Cardano Staking Questions

Will my ADA be safe? How do I stake? When will I earn rewards?

Contact pool operators if you have comments, questions or concerns through the contact form below.

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